Our narrow width and low-clearance Geoprobe rigs allow us to perform Geoprobe sampling indoors as well as outside in rough terrain. Our Geoprobe 6610-DT (tracked) rig is only 4-feet wide. We have successfully probed and sampled to depths of 140-feet. Accessing areas having soft surface conditions is also rarely a problem with the track-mounted probe rig. Our 6610-DT, 6620-DT and 8040-DT also have augering capabilities. With a quick change-over, we can drill with hollow-stem augers and install 2-inch, 4-inch or 6-inch monitoring wells. This dual purpose rig can save your project time and mobilization costs.

In addition to our track-mounted Geoprobe rig, we have two (2) Bobcat mounted Geoprobe rigs to compliment our all-terrain probing capabilities. Our Geoprobe rigs can access a double walk-through door or a single door when mounted on a hand cart to complete your inside probing projects.

Our newest and largest probe rig is an Geoprobe 8040-DT which is the most powerful Geoprobe made. It also has augering capabilities comparable between a CME-55 & CME-75, making it able turn augers up to 8-1/4″ hollow stem augers.


Direct Push Probe Rigs

  • (2) Geoprobe 540 units
    (Can be Hand Cart or Bobcat Mounted)
  • Geoprobe 6610-DT
  • Geoprobe 6620-DT
  • Geoprobe 8040-DT



  • Macro Core MC5
    (OD 1.5″ – Sample 1.125″ )
  • DT22 Dual Tube
    (OD 2.25″ – Sample 1.125″ – Install 0.75” Pre-Packs)
  • DT325 Dual Tube
    (OD 3.25″ – Sample 1.85″ – Install up to 1.5″ Pre-Packs or 1″ Conventional Monitoring Wells)
  • DT35 Dual Tube
    (OD 3.5″ – Sample 1.85″ – Install up to 1.5″ Pre-Packs or 1″ Conventional Monitoring Wells)
  • DT45 Dual Tube
    (OD 4.5″ – Sample 3″ – Install up to 2” Pre-Packs or 2″ Conventional Monitoring Wells)
  • Mill Slot Water Sampler
  • Discrete Water Sampler
  • ORC Injection for
    Site Remediation
  • Soil Gas Implants