Direct-Push Probing

Our narrow width and low-clearance Geoprobe rigs allow us to perform
Geoprobe sampling indoors as well as outside in rough terrain.

images of the narrow geoprobe rigs

We have successfully probed and sampled to depths of 140-feet. Accessing areas having soft surface conditions is also rarely a problem with the track-mounted probe rig. Our 6620-DT, 7822-DT and 8040-DT also have augering capabilities. With a quick change-over, we can drill with hollow-stem augers and install 2-inch, 4-inch or 6-inch monitoring wells. This dual purpose rig can save your project time and mobilization costs.

In addition to our track-mounted Geoprobe rig, we have (2) Geoprobe 540 rigs that can be mounted on a skid steer or can be mounted on a hand cart for tight access locations through a single man door.

Direct Push Probe Rigs

  • Geoprobe 8040-DT
  • Geoprobe 7822-DT
  • Geoprobe 6620-DT
  • (2) Geoprobe 540 units
    (Can be Hand Cart or Bobcat Mounted)


  • Macro Core MC5
    (OD 1.5″ – Sample 1.125″)
  • Macro Core MC7
    (OD 3.75″ – Sample 3″)
  • DT22 Dual Tube
    (OD 2.25″ – Sample 1.125″
    Install 0.75” Pre-Packs)
  • DT35 Dual Tube
    (OD 3.5″ – Sample 1.85″
    Install up to 1.5″ Pre-Packs or 1″ Conventional Monitoring Wells)
  • DT45 Dual Tube
    (OD 4.5″ – Sample 3″
    Install up to 2” Pre-Packs or 2″ Conventional Monitoring Wells)
  • Mill Slot Water Sampler
  • Discrete Water Sampler
  • ORC Injection for Site Remediation
  • Soil Gas Implants