All Terrain Drilling

Roberts Environmental Drilling, Inc. has the capability to drill your project locations in nearly all types of terrain. We have two (2) fully equipped all-terrain (ATV) mounted drill rigs. Both rigs are equipped for either enviromental or geotechnical drilling, mud rotary and can be converted to air rotary.

images of blue all terrain drilling rigs, both wheeled and tracked, in open fields and in a train yard

CME-75 / Morooka

Although this is our largest ATV rig, its footprint is around 7-PSI. The rubber tracks can take it places where a rubber tire equipped ATV cannot. It is equipped with an auto-hammer and has angle drilling capabilities.

cme-750 morooka parked outside the brew house


This rubber tire style ATV rig is fully equipped. It has both an auto-hammer and a cat-head, being able to tackle most down hole situations.

CME-750 blue drilling rig working in a parking lot

Morooka Service Vehicle

With a lesser foot print of our Morooka/CME-75, it can go where our service trucks cannot. It is equipped with a 25′ telescoping boom crane and a hydraulic dump bed. It is capable of moving pallet material and augers and can also be used for well abandonment and redevelopment, among other uses.

Morooka Service Vehicle parked in an open field