Air Rotary & Water Well Drilling

We have the equipment and experience to drill and install bedrock monitoring wells, recovery or injection wells, alluvial wells or install anodes for cathodic protection systems. Additionally, We feel that with the increase in domestic water wells, it is very important that each well be constructed in a manner that will not affect the existing wells, nor be impacted by the continued growth of your communities. Even though there is the increase in expansion of rural water districts, there are some locations that domestic water wells are still the best answer.

Air Rotary & Water Well Drilling equipment in and around homes, roads and forests.

Air Rotary Drilling

We have considerable experience in drilling and installing high-quality bedrock wells, often having multiple casings to isolate contaminated zones from producing aquifers.

Also, we have the capability to do air rotary drilling with our ATV’s and Geoprobe Direct-Push Probe rigs.

Water Well Drilling

With the rural communities growing rapidly, many former city residents are experiencing ‘well water’ for the first time. One of our goals at REDI is to provide you and your family with a dependable water well and water system of the highest quality, at a reasonable cost.

With our vast background and knowledge of the environmental industry, we realize the need to protect our most precious natural resource -water. Our promise to you is that our drilling and pump installations will, at a minimum, meet or exceed the state regulations and industry standards.